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Dollhouse Wallpaper Paste - 16 oz

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This paste is highly recommended for applying Itsy Bitsy Mini wallpapers.  
Used by museums in the preservation of paper artifacts and books, this adhesive will ensure enjoyment of your dollhouse for generations.
This adhesive will not warp or curl paper.  It dries clear.  It is non-toxic and acid-free (neutral pH).
Make sure surfaces to be glued are clean and oil-free. Dollhouse walls should be primed. You can use a popscicle stick, plastic knife or spatula to scoop out a tablespoon of paste and apply it directly to the back of your wallpaper.  Avoid diluting with water. Use a brayer or credit card or plastic spatula spreader (i.e. bondo spreader found in automotive supply store) to smooth out paste. For best results, apply using very thin, even coats. Keep covered when not in use. Use at room temperature.

It is a slow-setting glue (5 to 10 minutes) allowing you time to adjust and reposition the wallpaper. Complete curing occurs in 24 hours.

Water-soluble. Simply clean up using warm water.

This paste can also be used to apply carpeting to dollhouse floors.  It can be used to bond Paper, Wood, Cloth, Leather, Cork, Glass and Metal.
Loosen a corner of wallpaper from wall.  Using wet sponge or syringe with water, dampen the area between the wall and paper allowing a few minutes for the water to dissolve the paste.  Peel away loosened paper and repeat the process.

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