Wallpaper FAQ

What scale wallpaper do I need?

Measure the ceiling height of the main floor.  If your ceiling height is:

16” to 25”or taller, you have a play scale dollhouse (1:6 or 1/6)

8” to 10”, you have a one inch scale dollhouse (1:12 or 1/12)

4” to 5”, you have half inch scale dollhouse (1:24 or 1/24)

2” to 2 ½”, you have quarter inch scale dollhouse(1:48 or 1/48)

less than 2”, you have a micro inch scale dollhouse (1:144 or 1/144)

If you are still unsure, chances are you have a one inch scale dollhouse.  This is the most common and popular scale for dollhouses. You can read more about dollhouse scale here.

What size wallpaper will I receive?

One Inch Scale - 10.5 X 16.25 in (26.7 X 41.3 cm)

Half Inch Scale - 8 X 10.5 in (20.3 X 26.7 cm)

Quarter Inch Scale - 5 X 8 in (12.7 X 20.3 cm)

Play Scale - 10.5 X 16.25 in (26.7 X 41.3 cm)

The product image shows a border.  How do I purchase the border?  What are the dimensions of the border?

You will receive the border shown on the product image.  The border is printed on the same sheet as the wall pattern (at the top). 

One Inch Scale – 0.75 to 1 X 16.25 in (3 to 2.54 X 41.3 cm)

Half Inch Scale – 0.5 X 10.5 in (1.3 X 26.7 cm)

Quarter Inch Scale – 1/3 X 8 in (0.8 X 20.3 cm)

Play Scale – 2 X 16.25 in (5 X 41.3 cm)

What type of wallpaper should I get? What is the difference between unpasted versus peel & stick wallpaper?  

Both are made from the same professional weight paper.  It is thick enough to cover wire tape and old wallpaper, yet thin enough to bend around corners. 

Unpasted wallpaper does not have adhesive or glue.  You will need to apply wallpaper paste to adhere it to your walls.  We recommend Yes! Paste, which you can purchase here. The advantage of un-pasted wallpaper is that it is less expensive.  The disadvantage is that you have to purchase paste and apply it.
Peel and Stick wallpaper already has an adhesive applied to the back.  Think of it as a giant sticker.   You cut it to size, peel the backing and stick it to your wall. The advantage is that it is easy and convenient:  no paste needed, no curing time, and less mess since you are not applying your own glue to it.  The disadvantage is that it is more expensive than un-pasted wallpaper.

What is the size of the pattern image that is shown on your website?

Sample shown on the product page represents a 2 inch wide sample of the wallpaper pattern in one inch scale, 1 1/4 inch wide sample in half inch scale, 5/8 inch wide sample in quarter inch scale and 4 inch sample in play scale.

How many sheets do I need?

3 sheets will usually cover a standard dollhouse room.  

What is the thickness of the paper?  

Both unpasted and peel & stick wallpaper are professional weight paper, similar in thickness to index card stock.   Our wallpapers are engineered to be thick enough to cover wire tape and old wallpaper, yet thin enough to bend around corners.

Is the paper matte or shiny?

The paper is neither matte or shiny.  It has a smooth satin texture.  If you prefer a matte or shiny look, you can use Matte or Gloss Krylon spray sealant.

Do I need spray the surface of my wallpaper?

The wallpaper is meant to be used as is.  You do not need to spray seal your wallpaper.
If your dollhouse is intended for heavy play by children, spraying sealant such as “Krylon Sealant” will help aid in cleaning up stains (think peanut butter and jelly).

Is my wallpaper archival? 

Yes, our wallpaper is archival.  It is pH-neutral and acid free.  The print is UV fade resistant.  The print will not run or bleed.  

Will my wallpaper fade?

The print is UV fade resistant,  but is NOT UV proof. To prolong the beauty of your wallpaper for many generations to come avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

How do I apply the wallpaper?  Do you have instructions?

Yes instructions are here.


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