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Lily Pink Tortoiseshell Dollhouse Sunglasses

SKU: MIS0090
Sale price$30.00

Pink tortoiseshell dollhouse miniature sunglasses in 1:12 scale is our most popular style. This amazingly detailed one inch scale eyeglasses features translucent tinted lenses. 

Dollhouse eye wear can be folded and unfolded. These plastic miniature eyeglasses are just 12 mm or 1/2 inch from temple to temple.

One inch scale (1:12) eye glasses are versatile and can be displayed on a stack of books, tucked in a handbag or worn by your one inch scale doll. Consider staging it on a table with keys and a wallet found separately in our shop.

Made in USA

Ships in 24 hours

Scale: 1:12

Lily Pink Tortoiseshell Dollhouse Sunglasses Sale price$30.00